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Some of our recent successes include:

Testify as schedule expert at ASBCA on behalf of a general contractor at a $45M government project in the Middle East. We prepared a schedule analysis and an evaluation of the government's action to terminate the contractor for default. Our analysis examined the government's identified causes of termination related to the contractor's schedule and compared those causes to the project record including the contractor's progress and excusable delays.

Participate on the owner's Project Controls Team for a $1.5B rail extension project providing monthly insight and reporting regarding project status (i.e. commodities, costs, and resources), impact of fragnets, and project administration.

Prepare Time Impact Analyses/Schedule Analyses on behalf of a general contractor at several U.S. Embassy Compounds and secure U.S. Government facilities at a variety of locations around the world.

Prepare CPM Schedules/Time Impact Analyses/Schedule Analyses on behalf of a general contractor during the construction of the second phase of a mechanical, electrical, plumbing and sprinkler upgrade at an over $235 million renovation at 38 story U.S. Federal Courthouse, New York, New York.

Prepare schedule analysis on behalf of an owner at a $270 million BioMass 70MW power plant located in Berlin, NH. TDF's services included review of monthly schedules and the analysis of the contractor's claim for delay, acceleration, and loss of productivity.

Prepare a schedule analysis and productivity study on behalf of a general contractor for the installation of insulation at a 70MW Biomass plant located in Gainesville, FL. TDF developed a 3D Model to illustrate the details of primary system components, the installation sequence, and installation progress.

Prepare a Risk Assessment on behalf of an owner related to schedule practices and procedures used by the Design-Builder for the owner of a $3.2B canal project.

Testify as a schedule expert in arbitration on behalf of a general contractor on a $170 million ethanol producing plant. The contractor was terminated for convenience amid schedule delays caused by design changes and prolonged equipment procurement, which were found to be owner responsibilities.

Prepare a schedule analysis on behalf of a general contractor on a $150 million condominium project. The contractor encountered contaminated soil and rock throughout the excavation process leading to foundation concrete delays. TDF used a 3-D model to evaluate the relationship between the contaminated material, support of excavation, and concrete activities.

Testify as a schedule expert in mediation on behalf of a transit authority on a $217 million design-build rail extension project. TDF used the windows method in the detailed schedule analysis that considered impacts such as weather, access and utility issues, productivity, design changes and contractor delays.

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