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CPM Scheduling, Project Controls and Risk Assessment

Either as an owner or a contractor, CPM Scheduling and Project Controls are essential elements to measure progress during the life of a construction project. It all starts with a fundamentally sound baseline schedule that includes careful attention to specific project characteristics and industry-accepted scheduling techniques. Whether the project contains access limitations, special coordination, sizable sitework requirements, or unique design considerations, TDF, LLC communicates with the project team to develop realistic construction sequences so the baseline schedule accurately models the contractor’s true plan. In conjunction with the project team, TDF, LLC develops alternative “What-if” scenarios to evaluate the most practical sequences. Additionally, as is often the case with federal or municipal projects, TDF, LLC offers the capability of adding costs (cost-loaded) and/or resources (resource-loaded) to the schedule’s construction activities. 

Our staff efficiently tests all aspects of the schedule for integrity, feasibility and accuracy in determining the schedule’s acceptability by all members of the project team so that it can be implemented as early as possible. We analyze cost-loaded and resource-loaded values to ensure that forecasted cashflow consistently trends with construction progress and resources expectations are obtainable. In addition, during the periodic schedule update process, we ensure accurate schedule updates by visiting the jobsite, confirming schedule changes with the project decision-makers. 

Risks are an inherent part of any construction project. During the development of a schedule, obvious risks can be minimized through thoughtful planning. However, as construction projects evolve, new risks may appear where none had existed before. Our clients benefit from our broad experience in analyzing schedules, which allows us to anticipate potential problems early and prescribe sensible actions and practical solutions to mitigate such problems before they adversely affect construction progress, thus avoiding potential pitfalls and possibly costly disputes.

If a project falls behind schedule or if the project team simply wants to explore alternative time-saving means to complete a project, TDF, LLC’s scheduling services include the use of Monte Carlo simulations for evaluating alternative sequences that may influence the project’s completion date. TDF, LLC also uses Monte Carlo simulations to measure the potential impact of project risks. Each Monte Carlo simulation scenario is developed with the project team and concentrates on critical and near-critical activities as identified in the schedule and also by the project team. Scenarios are considered at any time during the project’s life including the baseline schedule or periodic updates. 

Recent Case Studies:

• Prepared a baseline schedule and monthly updates for a general contractor at an office/retail commercial project.
• Evaluated the integrity and feasibility of a baseline schedule at a medical nuclear reactor plant.
• Prepared a cost-loaded and resource-loaded baseline schedule and monthly updates for a general contractor under a GSA specification at a multi-phased U.S. Federal Courthouse.
• Provided Monte Carlo simulations for weather sensitive activities related to the renovation of existing stone/mortar at a multi-phased U.S. Federal Courthouse.

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