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Dispute Resolution and Construction Claims

In the unfortunate situations when a project completes later than planned or requires an acceleration effort to overcome delay events, we apply our trial-tested methodology to quickly dissect the project record, identify the significant issues and offer an accurate assessment of the nature of the delays. Our findings are based on facts derived directly from all elements of the project record and interviews with project personnel. Our meticulous approach to evaluating, organizing and analyzing documents yields an analysis consistent with what actually occurred during the project and accurately reflects the true impact of events. 

During the Discovery process for projects that are in litigation, we work closely with the entire legal team. Our personnel have the foresight to know what to look for in the opposition's files, what questions to ask and how to interpret the responses. We also have experience with large volume document cases requiring advanced legal software such as Summation. 

Whether it is a construction claim or an expert report leading to negotiation, mediation, arbitration or court hearings, our unique experience with owners and contractors enables us to prepare intuitive, accurate and cost effective presentations and reports that thoroughly substantiate our findings.

Recent Case Studies:

• Testified as a schedule expert in state court for a sitework subcontractor on a $10 million retail store who was terminated by the project’s general contractor. 
• Assisted a large general contractor with strategic demonstrative graphics that were used by fact witnesses to describe the causes for later than planned completion of tenant spaces.
• Testified as a schedule expert in deposition and arbitration hearings for a global EPC contractor regarding delays and acceleration at a $181 million coke making facility. 
• Testified as a schedule expert in United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana, Indianapolis Division for a billion dollar per year owner on a new grain processing plant.
• Testified as a schedule expert in deposition for the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, for a Surety in defense of a casino owner’s lost profits claim caused by delays resulting from a force majeure (tornado) event.

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